Developing a robust, cohesive and strategic supply chain & distribution network for the medical devices industry in Asia-Pacific region


 Post Show Report of Medical Device India Summit 2016 & 2017

The size of the medical devices market in Asia-Pacific region from year 2016 - 2020 is being measured in 68 Billion US Dollars. Medical device company supply chains are in transition because of the expected growth. Therefore, there is a need to retool and gain greater competency in supply chain management to better manage costs, weather the storm of impending legislation, and manage the complications of increasingly complex global supply chains. The demand for medical devices is growing, there are new developments evolving and country specific regulations in the region, with this the capabilities of supply chain are pushed to the limit and SCM practitioners are expected to be cost-efficient and ensure high quality care. Medical Device supply chain functions are required to be more resilient and flexible to accommodate the growing market, government regulations and demands from internal and external stakeholders.

The Medical Device Supply Chain and Distribution Summit will offer an excellent platform to discuss the transformative process of supply chain, implementing robust SCM practices, integrate innovative systems, curb rising costs and ultimately improve outcomes as well as develop cross - country distribution network.


  • Managing the challenges of ever evolving regulatory environment
  • Building a flexible and a scalable medical device supply chain
  • Best practices for managing the ever- changing country-specific regulatory requirements for importing products
  • Identifying the right supply chain partners, creating better collaborations to support business growth
  • Future of consignment inventory management, how to align your operations for greater success
  • Changing medical device logistics model in emerging markets
  • Progressing from a manual environment to efficiency in distribution throughout Asia-Pacific
  • Strengthening your transportation and distribution strategy
  • Finding and choosing a cold chain 3PL partner for your temperature control needs
  • Developing a sales and supply chain strategy for emerging markets with a focus on Asia-Pacific
  • Re-Evaluating your warehouse operations - creating a lean warehouse


  • Understanding the APAC distribution network design
  • Identifying how to optimize your end-to-end supply chain from top medical device speakers
  • Discussions on niche challenges and solutions specific to your industry
  • Supplier partner optimization & risk management
  • Identifying the right partner for the temperature sensitive products during storage and Distribution
  • Benchmarking medical device supply chain talent
  • Learn about and meet with the leading supply chain solution providers
  • Explore the future of consignment inventory management
  • Ensure supply chain security
  • Streamlining reverse logistics to lower return rates and minimize cost


Functional heads of:

  • Supply Chain (International and Domestic)
  • Distribution
  • Procurement / Purchase
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Commercial
  • Demand & Supply Planning
  • Warehousing & Inventory Management
  • Transportation
  • Regulatory & Government Affairs
  • Operations
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales, Marketing & International Business Development

From these industries:

  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Medical Device Distributors
  • Medical Device
  • Logistic and Transportation companies
  • Supply chain solution providers